Newsfield Recognised by Ludlow

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When I was growing up through my early teenage years, Crash magazine was something in my random adolescent life that was regular. Each month I would look forward to the magazine to devour the reviews of the latest games to buy for Spectrum and to gasp in awe at the sometimes erotic, sometimes violent, sometimes just purely Spectrum gaming covers that Oliver Frey splashed across each and every cover. On many an occasion the newsagent gave me a look that questioned the type of magazine Crash actually was, and my mum probably was thinking the worst as well. Being in West Wales, and being highly impressionable, I was convinced Crash Towers existed in a far off land called Ludlow that was filled with dragons end English folk. The latter was at least true.

Well, roll on lots of years and Oliver Frey who produce that wonderful art with Roger Kean as editor/joint owner have become family friends and we have worked on a number of projects together.I visited Ludlow, picking up Roger, on our way up to see Jon Woods and David Ward a few years back when we interviewed them for the Ocean book. On the return trip from Altrincham, I asked Roger if he would show me Crash Towers – the picture below was me in pure fan-boy mode taking a picture of the creator of Crash (and Zzap! 64 and Amitx of course) in front of Crash Towers – a great day.


So when Roger let me know a good few weeks back that a plaque was being talked about that would be placed on the building to commemorate Newsfield and what the company had done for the local employment and gaming as a whole – I was thrilled. Today Roger has announced that it has been authorised for the plaque to be put onto the wall – which will take place very soon.

In Roger’s words :

The Ludlow Civic Society is to place a blue plaque on the wall of No. 2 King Street in recognition of Newsfield’s presence there and the birth of Crash and Zzap!64 magazines. Considering that the other plaque under consideration at the same time is to mark the coronation of Yorkist King Edward IV at Ludlow Castle during the War of the Roses, it’s really something of an honour!

I hope we’ll be able to arrange a sort of ‘unveiling; at some point in the near future and that as many as can make it will be able to come and view the plaque, which is also recognition of the importance of the rise of the 8- and 16-bit games market in the 1980s and 90s and of retrogaming today.


2 comments for “Newsfield Recognised by Ludlow

  1. Mark Peters
    17th May 2016 at 6:55 pm

    It was my privilege to be one of those pupils from Ludlow c of e school that worked mainly on the sister magazine Amtix. Spending my time after school and school holidays playing computer games and getting paid for it,who could ask for more?

  2. 18th May 2016 at 12:55 am

    How I longed for the next issue of Crash to be released. Lloyd Mangram ruled!

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