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Whilst crawling around the deep dark recesses of the Retro Internet world we were lucky enough to stumble across two more projects that you will love. Let’s dive right in….

Monster Pong in all its glory.

Everyone has heard of Pong, it’s the forerunner of pretty much everything that gamers take for granted today. Peel back the mists of time to mid-70’s you will find that the systems looked very different to what you might expect. Pong systems after 1976 used the AY integrated chip (and its many variants) but before that, the systems were made up of discrete logic chips which were essentially miniaturised version of transistors and other common electronics components. [GK] on the EEVBlog forums has obviously thought about what a Pong system would look like if it was created with only normal full-size electronics…and has created a true monster!

Who needs to go to Specsavers?
Not this guy!

As you can see, his creation is just mind-blowing and fully functional. It is able to display a colour or B&W image on a normal monitor as well as being able to play single or multiplayer. I certainly cannot begin to do this any justice nor would I be able to fully get across just how much work this is. My advice would be to go over to the EEV Blog forums here and check out the 23-page post.

As a complete contrast to monster Pong let look at what is possibly the smallest Gameboy ever made, the PocketSprite

It’s sooooooo teeny-tiny.

The PocketSprite began life in 2016 when it was introduced at the Hackaday Superconference where Sprite, the designer of the system, gave a very well received talk as well as releasing it as Open Source. Fast forward 18 months, we find the PocketSprite has become a proper fully featured console that runs emulators for the GB Color and Sega Master System. Not only that, the PocketSprite includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with a gorgeous OLED colour screen…all in a package that would be easy to lose in your pocket.

You can reserve your own PocketSprite via the CrowdSupply campaign that is currently running, $55 will reserve either a fully built or a kit that you can assemble yourself. It’s certainly looking popular as with 30 days left on the campaign it is 469% funded.

Take a look at the PocketSprite and its official website

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