Remix Tunes

C64 Music Medleys a la Symphony Orchestra


As you can probably guess, we do like our gaming music and today is no exception.

After sharing a fantastic arrangement of Wizball and the PPoT remix of an Outrun classic, today it is time to roll out the big guns.

We have two medlies of C64 tunes for you to enjoy, but these are extra special as they are being played by symphony orchestras in real concert halls. To say this is amazing does not do it justice  – it’s proper hairs on the back of the neck stuff. Enjoy!

Press Play on Tape – Magical Sound Shower


If you take the best C64 revival band and mix liberally with an absolute classic tune from the arcades, what do you get?

Easy, one of the best remixes of Outrun’s classic Magical Sound Shower you will ever hear.