Commodore 64

Barnsley Badger – Commodore 64 cassette/disk reveal


One of the perks for my Commodore 64 Kickstarter was a new game for the C64 called Barnsley Badger. The game comes in two flavours – the cassette version and the disk version. Both come in a presentation box very similar to the one Ultimate used to use for many of their big blockbuster games like Alien 8 and Sabre Wulf – the cassette version is practically the same size whilst the disk version is A5.

Inside both are a badge, poster and a couple of postcards. Check out both videos below to see what the perks looks like – there will spares of both for sale on my site,, in the next few weeks.

Here is the video of the cassette version of the game:


Here is the video of the disk version of the game: