Barnsley Badger – Commodore 64 cassette/disk reveal


One of the perks for my Commodore 64 Kickstarter was a new game for the C64 called Barnsley Badger. The game comes in two flavours – the cassette version and the disk version. Both come in a presentation box very similar to the one Ultimate used to use for many of their big blockbuster games like Alien 8 and Sabre Wulf – the cassette version is practically the same size whilst the disk version is A5.

Inside both are a badge, poster and a couple of postcards. Check out both videos below to see what the perks looks like – there will spares of both for sale on my site,, in the next few weeks.

Here is the video of the cassette version of the game:


Here is the video of the disk version of the game:

Pixels – A new C64 SID album!


A new album called Pixels arrived through the letter box today. That’s not entirely true – 1,500 copies of Pixels landed in my hallway in a number of boxes via a nice courier man. Those who pledged on the Kickstarter for The story of the C64 in pixels book will get a copy of the CD for free – it contains 12 new SID tracks in total composed and produced by Sascha Zeidler and Gerard Hultink with mastering by Max Hall and artwork by James Svärd. There are 3 tracks on the album that pay homage to the tracks of some pretty recognisable games – Archon II – Dance Mix is a prime example. The others are original tunes by the guys and are pretty awesome.

The tune below is another, track 10 – Monty Always Keeps on Running



The artwork for the front, back and CD can be seen below, and is by the well known C64 scene artist James Svärd:

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Once all the Kickstarter pledgers get their copy of the CD, book and goodies, there will 500 or so for sale along with the C64 book on the Fusion Retro Books site (this will be in a few weeks time).


The story of the C64 in pixels – Unveil


Today, the samples of the paperback and hardback versions of The story of the C64 in pixels came back from the printers. Check out the video of me talking through each version of the book, and also a flick through of the Reset magazine that backers of the Kickstarter will also get. Oh, the Barnsley Badger box gets a preview as well – once all the bits are back that will go in the box, I will follow on with another video of both the cassette and disk versions of the game.