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Bounder Bounces Back

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Just like a rubber ball, the classic bounce’em Bounder is… rebounding back on mobile devices via a new app.

How the C64 “version” of the game will look.


I know what you are thinking…yes this is nothing new as we’ve seen quite a few re-imaginings of old 8-bit games hit app stores recently but in this case, the lovely people at Swivel Creations are doing something a little different.

First, you don’t just get one game – you will be able to play the Amstrad, Spectrum and C64 version in all of their glory as they will be using the original graphics from each platform. In addition, each version of the game also features the original sounds as well – great news for the C64 fans but maybe not so much for everyone else.

..and the “Spectrum” version.

The challenges of a much higher resolution screen on a mobile device could have ended up making 30-year-old graphics look rather like Lego, but thankfully Swivel have embraced the technology and adapted the game to fit in the new format and it could be argued it’s made it much easy to see whats coming. Time will tell if this makes the game easier though.

Speaking of the game, all 10 levels from the original Bounder are available in all versions of the game. The addition of a save game feature will help Bounder to become a must-have game of the modern era. Lots more information can be found at

Look out for Bounder “bouncing” its way on the Apple and Android App stores very soon.


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  1. 26th January 2018 at 7:42 am

    You Bounders!!

    Good work 🙂

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