Amiga International Day

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With the Commodore 64 book firmly in the majority of backer’s hands (still a few more to send), it’s time to turn to the computer’s older brother – the Commodore Amiga.

With today being International Amiga Day, it seems fitting to talk a little about the book and the Kickstarter launch. The Amiga was my second love, after the ZX Spectrum. I sold all my Spectrum gear to fund an Atari ST, which was a little more affordable at the time. About 6-months later I heard the Axel F tune being played on an Amiga 500 in a local computer shop through an amplifier and two speaker set-up – the music was literally bouncing across the room. A few weeks later I traded in the ST for a second hand Amiga 500 and never looked back. I traded in the 500 for a 1200 a few years later.

On the 11th June at 3pm I am planning on launching a Kickstarter to fund the development and print of a 267 page to celebrate the Amiga. The format of the book will follow that of the C64 one – there will be a history feature written by Roger Kean, a feature on the demo scene, Martyn Carroll is going to write a piece on the move to AGA and another feature will cover the great music and sound effects on the machine. There will be section covering ‘the games’ and then will follow a number of memoirs from those who worked on the Amiga – the musicians, the artists and the programmers. I have some great names already lined up to contribute :

  • Alex Trowers – Syndicate, Hi-Octane
  • Allister Brimble – music in Alien Breed and lots of other games
  • Andrew Hewson – owner of Hewson Consultants
  • Andy Nuttall – Staff writer of Amiga Format, Editor of The One and employee at Bullfrog
  • Anthony Ball – Tiertex Amiga developer
  • David Lowe – musician
  • Dino Dini – Kick Off
  • Jez San – Starglider, Carrier Command
  • Martin Edmodson – Shadow of the Beast
  • Peter Johnson – Wizball / Robocop
  • Stoo Cambridge – Sensible Software
  • Mark Hellewell – Anarchy demo group
  • Tim Wright – musician
  • Simon Butler – Ocean Software
  • David Mowbray – Tynesoft.

There will be at least 30 memoirs in the book, so there are still many more names to add!

The cover of the book has been designed by Steven Day. Steven has designed each and every cover of the books produced by Fusion Retro Books to date – and this one too, is a corker :



Hope you can support the book, and let me know in the comments who else you think should be in it!

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