Monthly Archives: July 2016

Showing off the ZX Spectrum to the Japanese Prime Minister


Check out the footage below where the then UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, shows off the countries current cutting technology to the visiting Japanese Prime Minister – the ZX Spectrum. Wonder what Theresa May would use these days to show us off?


You think you know Star Wars – AT-AT or A.T.A.T. ??


We have all grown up on Star Wars – my favourite of all seven movies is The Empire Strikes Back, what with the dark story, the cliff hanger ending and above all the scene with the All-Terrain Armoured Transports. The what I hear you say? You know the AT-ATs? No?

Well maybe in your world you called them the A.T.A.T.’s So who is right. Vote now, or watch the video instead.

Retro gamer loses fiance….


Respect to this guy – he converted his bedroom in to an arcade and lost his fiance of 2-years in the process. Some people just have their priorities right!